How and Where to Sell Your eBooks

Business Woman Working on a Laptop at DeskWhether you are selling ebooks for profit or you want to attract visitors to your website so you can sell them more products and services – you need to know how to get people to buy your digital books. A big part of selling ebooks is knowing the best places to sell them. Check out this resource for that.

Once you know where to sell your creations, you need to target the right market. This starts with a catchy title and product description that generates curiosity.

Think about people’s attention span though. You don’t want your title to get too long. If this happens to you, consider a shorter title with a subtitle that explains more about the idea of your book (but not too much!).

Ebook Sales Pie Chart

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The cover design of the book plays an important role as well. This is essentially product packaging and is the first impression that a prospective buyer gets of your product. You don’t have to be an artist yourself or even hire a designer. There are simple and inexpensive software programs that will help you develop a professional-looking cover quickly and easily.

Sometimes a simple photo can work to create an impressive-looking ebook cover. For example, if you are marketing a cookbook or compilation of recipes, photos of a finished dish can help sell your book for you.

The process of marketing ebooks online is not complicated. Initially, you have to compose an ebook around some subject or particular niche. Second, you have to discover what approach you’ll utilize to obtain that information to your targeted audience so that they will see your website.

Man with a laptopThis short article is just concerned with the second part of the procedure, the best ways to get targeted traffic to your site utilizing a sound eBook advertising technique.

1. Numerous internet marketing programs will tell you “short article advertising” is a good approach for advertising or advertising your niche, website, affiliate eBook or product. This style of marketing is particularly effective for individuals who have a nonexistent or little marketing budget.

When writing articles you have the opportunity to. furnish usable information to your reader and provide links to your website, eBook or affiliate program.

You will also be able to use the viral effect of article marketing by submitting your articles to article directories, third-party sites and ezine publishers. Finally, allow reprinting of your articles as long as the promotional links are maintained within the article.

2. “Viral advertising” is an additional terrific approach of advertising and driving traffic to your site. This is not a new method and is well suited as an eBook marketing strategy. It targets people who like to share ideas, network, and have a similar interest.

You can start a viral marketing campaign by simply making an attractive offer to customers on your mailing list; submitting an article that you’ve written, by providing away something for free, or offering a substantial discount.

At the same time give them the option of passing the information along to their family, associates and good friends knowing they will understand at least another individual that will have an interest in exactly what you’re offering. This strategy should allow you to see a visible boost in traffic.

Both of these strategies are excellent methods for marketing any product or service. However when combined they work together to unleash an extraordinary eBook marketing strategy.

The best way to attract visitors is to give away something for free. Produce an eBook that you can give away for free. Write an informational article about your eBook. Place that article on your website, in your autoresponder and post ads giving away your ebook.

Include an invitation for interested parties to pass your information around. This makes it very easy for your visitors to recommend your site to people they know. Referral marketing is a great way to find qualified prospects, according to Billie Richards. Getting customers to buy new or unfamiliar products, like treadmill desks, can be challenging without a third “known” party who is making a recommendation.

Obviously, these are not the only methods, but represent a fairly easy eBook marketing strategy for driving traffic to your site. These methods have been used by scores of marketers with an excellent deal of success and, if done correctly, need to prove to be similarly effective for you, too.